Sociopathic Misdirection

THE FOLLOWING is a quote from the book, Emotional Vampires: Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry. It seems appropriate for dealing with common everyday sociopaths:

Hypnotists invite people to focus attention on them, not on what they're doing. Misdirection is the number one secret of hypnosis, whether it's practiced on a nightclub stage or in your office.

Hypnotic communication is purposely distracting and confusing. You're expected to give up trying to understand, turn off your critical thinking, and just go along.

Criticial thinking is the most important tool you have for protecting yourself from Emotional Vampires. If you feel confused, don't do anything until you've figured out what's going on.

That is an excellent rule of thumb when dealing with someone you suspect is a sociopath: When you feel confused, stop right there until you've figured out what's happening.

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